About Us

Within a few months after the completion of the old building in 1997, Shri Anand Dighe, eminent leader of Shivsena from Thane, then15/04/1997 visited Astitva. Standing in front of the organization, looking at it, he folded his hands after touching the steps and said,” The school resembles a five star hotel, not a school for the disabled. Why did you invite me after the completion?” These words mean a lot to us. They also give a flavour of the kind of infrastructure we have built to create an institution that is now a major landmark in Dombivli. The entrance gate of the new premises is an attraction for people passing by. The gate resembling an entrance of a palace is made in Embossed cast iron.

The distinguishing features of our school are own big and beautiful premises, spacious classrooms, ample sunlight, playground, assembly hall, recreation facilities and all that an institution of this kind needs. Standing on a 49200 sq. ft. campus, Astitva today has 45000 sq. ft. built up area comprising 30 class rooms and 8 special rooms with facilities and equipment for the conduct of all important therapeutic interventions such as physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, psychiatry and counselling.  Trained teachers and professionally qualified therapists attend to the special needs of the students and hostel inmates. The Occupational Therapy unit is equipped from the donation by Mahalaxmi trust.

The total workshop area is 4000 sq.ft. of which 1500 sq.ft. is separately designated for the sheltered workshop. It has all the tools and implements necessary for training and for making various products for sale.

The hostel for the mentally handicapped has a total area of 9000 sq.ft. and is equipped with all the amenities for living and recreation so that inmates can lead a secure and dignified life. Regular visits by doctors and an established network ensures prompt medical help.

There is also a gym within the school premises which serves well both in therapy and in improving the general level of fitness amongst the Astitva family.

A retail outlet at the entrance of the building sells products made by the students of the workshops and is manned by the students themselves with the assistance of care taker.

Many parents of the students remain on the campus while their wards learn inside the classrooms. We have facilities to make their wait enjoyable. There are enough concrete benches and alongside we also have other facilities like drinking water, garden, proper lights etc. This is truly appreciated by parents and visitors.

Of special mention is the media-room, a 700 sq.ft. gallery. In this room you will get a guided tour of the development of Astitva by means of photographs, press clipping and much more. It is as if a short documentary of our organization.