Can a person be Deaf but not Mute?

The birth of a child brings a lot of happiness to all the family. While bringing up the child, till 2 to 2.5 yrs of age, the hearing disorder is not noticed. On realizing a child cannot speak because of inability to listen,parents are demoralized. Instead of availing some medical help, some superstitious parents resort to some weird practices suggested by “witch doctor”, whereas some parents find out information about schools for the special people.These days, the parents are more informed about these facilities. The earlier the special child goes to the special school, the faster & the better his or her progress.The blindness & mental retardation are easily noticeable, but not the hearing disorder resulting in their inappropriate treatment by society.

After medical examination by the expert doctors, such a child can be provided with a suitable hearing aid. We cannot expect the child to start speaking & listening immediately. Well trained teachers are required to shape the child’s future properly. The hearing aids can be useful only in case of loss up to 50% of the hearing capacity & not more. In case of higher disability, Cochlear Implant is preferred. Even though, a high price (around 5.5 lacs) of this aid as well as the surgery & hospitalization make this alternative very costly, it’s a life long measure. The surgery should be complemented by other things like teaching the child the alphabets, making the child to have a regular speaking practice etc.