How you can help us?
To successfully manage Astitva, funds are needed all the time. The financial support of many generous people in last 30 years has made it possible to construct our premises measuring 45,000 sq. ft. All the trustees are deeply grateful to them. 
You support us by choosing any one or more from amongst the following schemes:
1. The mini hall can be named after a person (or his family member) donating Rs. 5 lacs
2. The room can be named after a person (or his family member) donating Rs. 1 lac. 
3. The names will be displayed in the organization donating an amt of Rs. 2,500 or more
4. A donation of Rs. 5,000, Rs. 3,000 & Rs. 2,000 for food expenses for a day- a lunch with sweet, ordinary lunch and breakfast respectively.
Donations in kind are also accepted. One can support by buying the things & food items made by the children. 

We welcome Donations in the form of Cheques/DD in name of  " Astitva Trust"
Please enclose your name and address with cheque or DD for Receipt.

Govt. of India has authorized and permitted "Astitva" to accept donations from any country from the world, by FCR no: 083990038.However donations of foreign contributions needs to be in the name of  "Astitva prahladrai Kagzi Institute for Handicapped A/C No 10148235334"

Foreign Cheques can either be sent at Astitva's address OR the amount can be directly transferred to the account number mentioned.

The most priceless donation as perceived by the trustees & staff shall be your visit to Astitva.